Thursday, March 15, 2012

My little princess

My little daughter was very obsessed to be like a princess! She as other girls, loves with fashion which is look like cinderilla or fairies. Also attracted to watch the movie base on fairy tales!. Since she was 3-4 years old she's very admired to put on and kept some costume just as the princess had, like a tiara, crown, gown n other princess accessories. She also loved to play with barbies or dolls in different garment.
 She was born on 09 July 2004,small n cute as baby.

On her 4th birthday,the crown is bigger than her head.

On to acting like princess although without complete

Acting like little fairy

And only now she is eight years old...her dreams of having a gown like bridge or princess is become true...I spent RM 60 for her dream t gown. Y its take so long to buy her that dress? is because I m not sure,which occasion she ought to wear that dress?. However,she is very excited n willing to wear the costume 24 hour everyday!.
her lovely barbie doll complete with accessories. just a normal kid dreams!

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