Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My Birthday

Today is my birthday.mmm..Im early 40 now just a number! I can feel that my hubby tried 2 do something different  for me during my birthday. Actually ,syukur sangat-sangat because I got someone who love me n take care of me. A day before my birthday, my hubby came home and i prepared some cooked as usual.

 When i came back after i sent my daughter from class tuition, i saw a box of cake on the table. Oh, he bought a cake for me! ok!. and when i went into my bedroom, i saw a sweet black present box laying on my mattress!..n i heard my hubby laughing loudly whenever i out from the room.
The most touching is the word written outside the box!..i already waiting  for that word entire of my life and finally i got it.However I don't want to tell what inside that box!..

And also special is when my elder daughter,presented me a watch which is she bought using her own money! anyway, thanks ya!
Hopefully, Allah bless me n my family n concern us during the entire of our life. Aminnn...

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