Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A simple but a merry birthday party

Honestly I wouldnt call it a "party" because it was an unplanned 'Tea Time" during my daughter's birthday on 9th of July.I felt a little bit dissapointed for I could not invite some of my friends. However the occasion ran smoothly started with Husna my girl blew the candles on the birthday cake. She was surrounded with her "masked' friends who accompanied her.

I thanked to my lovely friend for her corporations  to make that day merrier who came together with her cousin.
I only cooked some Penang Laksa and "Tauhu sumbat" to served them.Luckly my friend brough KFC as additional meal that make the children more happier.

After eating the food, Husna and her friends opened her long waited birthday presents and played with it together with her friends.Alhamdulillah I was very satisfied for the simple but merrier tea gathering especially Husna who felt so good that day.

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