Monday, May 9, 2011

My touching family

Here I want to display the story of my loving family.I'm very lucky because I have a big family which is sporting and supportive of each others.I just  want to take note that the moment with my family is the most precious moment.Once if we gather together,we love to create 'sukan keluarga' or going to recreation places for rest and fun.These precious moment will  never be forgotten from my heart.Further more,the moment with my parent is very memorable .Our relationship with each family member will never  ended and always refresh.This side picture were token in I-City where,3 families of tmothers and father felt  the night phenomenon and there was interesting..Sukan keluarga is the most favorite event among the kids in our family.Usually this event will be carried out during the holidays whenever all the family members gathered together.The games are created just for fun. The winner in each games will get a gift as an appreciation. Sometimes,we have outdoor dinner such as barbecue or steam boat  at the veranda.
before eating steamboat we pray doa first.Usually ustaz Shariff will conduct reading the doa.

during sukan keluarga...kopek bawang puteh(peeling the garlic)cheerful and happiness..
All daughters in this family with mother in this pitcca.
The moment that we cant' forget is during our sister's wedding! many "sweet and sour" feelings from the begening till the end,..there are also a lot of stress and meaningful things happened.Furthermore almost ten years our family didn't have such a big occasion like this. Imagine how nervous and stressful our family members felt. managed nicely.

This picture is captured full of sweet memory, on a raya morning before 'bersalaman" with each others among our families. Imagine how much rice to be prepared for this big family in a day?Think about the amount of vegetables or fish/chicken for each meal time!. however, we know how to play our parts. That is not a big deal for us. The merrier we felt the more worthy it is for us The important thing is to keep in touch with each other in peace and harmony.

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  1. hmm idea tu.. sukaneka... acara kupas bawang putih... boleh tiru ni.. apapun...such a big happy family....